Our Story

Trinity Lutheran held its first service in the City Hall Auditorium on Palm Sunday April 3, 1966 (according
to ‘Bo’ Paradise the then council president). At that time Pastor Ellerman was installed as the pastor of the
congregation. Scottsboro Mayor John T. Reed gave an official welcome to the church and the 160
Pastor Ellerman was sent to establish congregations in both Scottsboro and Guntersville, thanks primarily to
the efforts of the Reedstrom family. He worked both congregations until he made Trinity his primary
congregation. At first the congregation meet in Charlene Himburg husband’s optometrist office. They
would set up folding chairs in the examining room and used a folding table as a makeshift altar. The
Reedstroms and Guthries were instrumental in getting the building that we have today and shortly after
services were being held in the optometrist office they began to look for a better and more permanent
location. The church quickly outgrew the office and a small white house (or duplex) was found on Market
Street. The house had two rooms where one was used as the sanctuary and the other was used for class
meetings. This “Little House off the Square” (otherwise known as the “Tiny Tots Kindergarten” at 820
Market Street) was used for two years as plans were completed for a new church. The congregation
continued to grow, but the little house provided an intimate gathering place and was well suited to the size
of the congregation. With the help of the Southern District, Trinity bought the ground and had the church we
are now in built. Simoni, Heck and Associates of New Orleans drew up the plans for the structure. The
church was a little out of the way down Highway 79. At that time the only thing there was a little shopping
plaza with a Sears, a BBQ spot and a bank. It is designed to seat 200 worshipers but with its soft tones in
the brick and wood paneling the church conveys to each member a sense of closeness, fellowship and unity
befitting a family in Christ. The church was dedicated on Palm Sunday, March 30, 1969 at 4:00PM to a
packed house. People filled the sanctuary and had to be seated out in the narthex. The service began on the
square with a motorcade to the new building. The opening ceremony had the contractor had over the keys
to the building to Ed Guthrie, who then handed them to Pastor Ellerman who officially, opened the doors of
the church. After the service the attendees were served refreshments and toured the new facilities.




Worship together... Grow together... Go together