Trinity Lutheran Church


Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC)

and Peace be with you!

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Come join us in our Sunday service where we offer prayers of love and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father, His only begotten Son Christ Jesus and the Holy spirit. Our service is held every Sunday beginning at 9:30AM. It usually lasts about 1 hour. Afterward we withdraw to the fellowship room to enjoy coffee and donuts before participating in a spirited discussion of Scripture.

In addition to our Sunday Worship Service and discussion of Scripture, we have a Wednesday service during Lent and Advent. The service is at  7:00PM.  Prior to the service we serve a free meal at 6:00PM.

Other activities include Bible study every Wednesday evening from 6:00PM to 7:00PM (except during Lent).

Our Choir members practice from 8:30-9:10 am Sunday Mornings here at the church. If you love singing our choir members will welcome you abroad with open arms.



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